Wi-fi Drop Outs May Be Google’s Fault

Why Drop Outs Occur

A wi-fi drop out can happen for many reasons. If you own a Chromecast, a device used to access video content from providers, which is plugged into your TV and uses a USB port, these may be the cause. The link was discovered and reported by Google Cast in October of last year. I have Xfinity-Comcast.

What Happens to the Data

Data packets are sent ever 20 seconds using those devices to maintain the link. Recent uses of Android did have a specific problem and that was the Android device went to sleep when not checking the network. I know that the device sent large amounts of data at 100,000 packets over the network, which fills the memory of your router in order to reboot.

Different Kinds of Firmware

TP-Link, Netgear, and Linksys have network updates through the use of firmware. A TP-link is a brand of wireless router that can be used on mobile devices. TP-link can connect multiple devices onto one network. I have experience with using Netgear wireless routers that have steady signals that have resolved the original problem and Linksys has also resolved the Internet connectivity problem.

Solutions to the Problem

I have studied solutions to the problem that have been found as a way to keep a household connected. Wifi needs to be easy to deal with. All three providers have found a way to fix the original problem. Linksys builds its’ wi-fi for gaming. Linksys belongs to the Belkin brand. Wi-fi serves to connect people with people, and serves our ability to enhance our creativity, which in turn helps us connect all over the planet which helps us network with a variety of individuals who also want to change the world, one internet connection at a time. The Internet fosters creativity and connection.