Restore Your iOS Device From iCloud

Apple iPhone and iCloud Backup system

It is to no surprise that Apple is leading the world in innovation with the uniquely designed iPhone. In addition, the incredible performance, popular design, and internet-enabled smartphone almost seems absolutely untouchable. However, what happens if you experience an unexpected mishap with how your device, and how it is operating? What if your iPhone device is not functioning at all, and its usual speed and accuracy are delayed or paused. If all your efforts of troubleshooting have been exhausted, and the device does not work at all, you still have one option left, use the iCloud backup system. This backup system has the ability to not only save all your data, which includes pictures, files, spreadsheets, and emails, but restore the device to its original functionality.

Keys to iCloud backup success

You ever hear the terms “factory default settings” these are key terms that play a huge role in restoring an iPhone device. There are two major keys that are required in order for this process to work properly. The first key to iCloud backup is making sure that your iPhone has no data, it must be blank. This will ensure that the iCloud backup works effectively. Another key to the process of iCloud backup is making sure that your iPhone is new. This will ensure that the iCloud backup works efficiently. If your iPhone is not new then it must be reset to its original factory default settings. This also ensures that the iCloud backup will work properly and be successful.

Instructions for iCloud backup

It is very important to follow these steps in order. One step missed, or done out of order will cause the iCloud backup process to fail. Perfection and accuracy when using these steps is crucial. Ok so let’s start with the famous Apple home screen. For those not familiar with the home screen and how it looks, it is the first screen that pops up if you ever turn off your phone and back on. Also, if you reboot your phone it is the first screen that will have the date and time. So from the home screen find the settings icon. This icon looks like a bunch of circular spinning wheels. Tap on settings, then go down and find the general tab. Tap the general tab and another screen will immediately pop up.

Near the very bottom you should come across the reset button, once you find the reset button tap it. The reset screen is going to have many options, but focus and tap on the button that states erase all content and settings. You will then see a pop up screen appear. This pop up screen has an erase iPhone button. Before you tap this button it is important to understand that this will indeed delete all media, data and reset all settings.

After this step you will then come to the screen that states (Hello). You are finally ready to set up your iPhone. Next, there will be more steps by step instructions that will, take you to the apps and data screen. All you are doing now is taping on the restore button from the iCloud backup. The next part will challenge your memory lol as your sign in credentials are required. Enter in your apple id and password, and your all set. Click next and choose your iCloud backup. This important step will restore your iPhone. You must wait for the downloading process to finish and select backup files. Your iCloud backup process for your iPhone has been successfully completed.