EditPlus Text and HTML Editor for Windows

A Review Of EditPlus

EditPlus is a text editor that you may use with HTML, Java, and PHP texts. It allows you to work on a number of different codes that have to use plain text before they are put into action, and it will provide you with the platform you need to get all your work done without the fumbling that happens when you are using the wrong sort of program. You will run across a few features that are perfect for you as you begin to edit, and you will find that the edits you make are much easier on you because they were done with the help of the extra tools you find in this program.

Prewritten Codes

There are a number of control and command codes that you may drag and drop into your text as you work. Someone of these are too important to type incorrectly, and you will find that clicking on them to paste them into he document is much easier. You will discover that there are a few codes you may type incorrectly every time, and that would be hard for you to fix when you discover that your code is not working as it should.


There is a tutorial for beginners who have not coded before, and there are easy interface buttons for those who have coded in the past. You will find the text editor much easier to use because it is not cluttered with all the buttons that you would find in other programs that are simply too clunky and hard to use. you will be happy with the way that the editor works, and you will be pleased to note that you can find the buttons you need quickly.


You will receive tips from the program as you work, and you will see the tips appear when you scroll over certain parts of your code. You are given a very good idea of what the code should look like, or you are given an option that will make the code that much more functional. The little changes you make now will ensure that you have been given the proper assistance with the text, and you may move on to other parts of the text that are just as simple to correct.


There is no phone support or user manual for this program. Everything you need to know is inside the program, and you will discover that it is much easier to use because it tells you what to do as you go. You do not have to flip back and forth between the manual and the program as you work, and you will notice that it tells you exactly what to do when you are stumped.

For Coders

There are many coders who can pick up EditPlus today knowing that it will work perfectly. you may want something else if you are a beginner, but it does give you all the information you need when you begin a new project.