Detox Your Body While Enjoying Ginger Mixed Drinks

If you thinking about detoxing after the holiday season as we all try to do to get rid of those excess pounds try using ginger in a creative yet highly beneficial way. Or maybe you are trying to get the body to circulate better, relieve gas or fight arthritis. Mixing ginger in mixed drinks may not seem like the norm in any detox regimen but you can rest assured that gingers antioxidant properties will be beneficial to you no matter what it is added to even cocktails. Known for its anti-inflammatory components which aides to upset stomachs and even nausea, one of its best health benefits is fighting infections within the body.

In regards to adding ginger to mixed drinks a lot goes into the process. Many bartenders can attest that mixing ginger root into a drink requires a minced and muddled strategy that adds tremendous flavor. This strategy and the ginger ingredient in an cocktails seemed to have bartenders mastering this art. More and more bars and restaurants are leaning towards the healthy approach in regards to what goes into your most beloved and popular cocktails. Some menus even have a separate section for these unique yet refreshing drinks. Whether you are health-conscious or not, attesting to this trend is undeniable as more and more bars are customizing their menus to suit their customers recent tastebud addiction. Both veggie and ginger cocktails are now the hit mixed drinks on many menus globally. Here are three unique inspired drinks that ginger has been added to for detoxification purposes and immense health benefits.

Trying out the Matcha Mule cocktail is a must have drink experience as you will will enjoy fresh ginger juice mixed with your choice of syrup for that extra boost of sweetness while topped of with a classic club soda. This bittersweet, dry and yet bubbly ginger cocktail is essential and will leave you feeling happier and healthier while detoxing the body.

As if the Matcha Mule cocktail was not enough to convince of the magical benefits of ginger in your cocktails for detoxification, Round 2 is even better with Mickey’s business. There is only one key magical element that makes this drink as close to its original Negroni state and that is the unique ingredients and proportions. The variation between the fresh herbs in this cocktail drink is what makes this version such a classic. From the ginger being spicy to the cooling process of mint theses intense herbs give such an intense flavor that the proportions used are very small. With gin being the main buzz only two and a half ounces are used along with Campari. When you mix a drink like Mickey’s business you may be surprised to relieve some pain. Again, another health benefit to ginger is pain relief while detoxing.

Saving the best mixed drink for last may remind you of a tropical island vacation getaway. Imagine the breezes of your favorite beach as you just ordered the cocktail of the day. Your server hands you the Golden hour. The Golden hour is a powerhouse cocktail that includes both pineapple, ginger, rum and brained cherries. One unique aspect of this drink is that it can be consumed both in the summer and winter months. The two ingredients combined give a fresh and unbelievably healthy taste that leaves you sipping slowly in hopes that the experience never ends.

All in all ginger has so many health benefits that is imperative to know what ingredients it works best with Incase you can’t get to a bar that night and decide to DIY. Enjoying your favorite cocktail can be a relaxing for you and a beneficial time for your body. Who said you can’t live your best life while enjoying a ginger cocktail?