Best PDF Converter Tools For Windows

You will find that converting in and out of the PDF format is important because there are so many different things you may do when you can change your PDF files. You cannot create a proper PDF conversion on your own, and there are times when you must turn something into a PDF in moments. There are other times when you must turn a PDF into another sort of file that will help you get your work done. Each of these three will help you, and you will find that using any of them will make your work simpler.

Where Do You Find Them?

You will find the PDF converters online or on your desktop. An online converter will simply accept your file, and it will turn that file into something that has the PDF extension. The reverse is true, and you may download the file when the process is complete.

Desktop versions will do the same, but you may drag and drop from the internal files on your computer inside the program. Using a desktop version of the software is often better for you if you have many conversions to do. You will save time going back and forth between the site and the files when you use a desktop version.

How To Choose

You will choose your converter based on the:

  • File formats available
  • Conversion quality
  • Optical Character Recognition or OCR
  • Conversion speed
  • Ability to do partial conversions
  • Design
  • Compatibility
  • Price
  • Support

Each step in this list was used to evaluate the three converters below, and they will turn your files into the exact things you required to complete your work. You must look at each of these things before you choose a free piece of software or pay your hard-earned money for it.


You may pay $79.95 for this program, and it will convert to nearly every format you can imagine. You will convert from EPub and PP to things such as JPG and PNG. The program will allow you to convert in any language you like, and you are welcome to choose any file on your device. There are many people who are hoping for a particular file extension to use, and the Wondershare program will meet your needs for each document even if it is a picture or scan.


Pay $29 on the special, or you will pay $59 for full price on this converter. There are a number of people who will enjoy using this program because it is cheaper while offering the same functionality you would get with Wondershare above. The interface looks a lot like PowerPoint, and the program works much like Acrobat. You will feel a bit of familiarity that you will enjoy while working inside Soda.


You will pay $119 for the Nuance Pro platform, and you will have more functions that you could ever imagine. Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, and other file formats are allowed for you. There are many people who have unique formats that they must convert, and you will find them all available when you are using Nuance. There is a voice input feature in this program, and you will run through your work much faster because of it.

There are many people who must choose their own PDF converter, and these three will give you the results that you need when you are working on your documents. Each scan, picture, or document that you have may be turned into a PDF or created from a PDF.